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    STEPHANIE CASTLE had a long history which included life as a naval officer, a marine insurance underwriter, shipowner and real estate developer. Since retirement she had written and published 33 books of which ten have been related to transsexualism and the social, family, economic, political and employment issues that flow from it.

    Transsexualism and transgenderism are often used interchangeably, although in Canada transsexualism (or transsexuality) is the specific medical and legally accepted word applied to a condition which may demand that those who suffer from it go through a regimen of psychiatric and hormonal treatment followed by surgery to affect a “sex change.”

    Stephanie’s books on this site serve to educate and explain to a general readership and, in the case of the fiction, to also entertain. The plots and settings reflect real life where realities have to be faced by all who suffer from this condition. Stephanie’s writing is neither offensive nor incapable of being read by any general audience.


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